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We wanted to call the shots, working online, from anywhere, while chasing our babies through this beautiful life. 

Actually LIVING.

Searching for freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance without compromise, we took a leap of faith and ditched Corporate America once and for all. 

Now, we no longer feel unfulfilled, uninspired, and completely burnt-out from the rat race of the 9-5 world, and we're proud to say that you can now find us at the intersection of sustainability, holistic wellness, and heart-centered connections. 

Let us show you what's possible when you take a chance on an unknown future, to prevent a predictable one

Based out of North Florida, we became inspired to start our business after starting our family. The thought of someone else determining how much time we spent together each day was the catalyst. We desired the same intentional flow that beachside living has taught us. 


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