Have You Heard?

"Thank you for your inspiration and guidance! You have made my transition so much easier and much more enjoyable.
I just got my blood tests back and my glucose was 92, down from 114. I wish I went vegan 20 years ago.
My total cholesterol is also low, at 103, with triglycerides at 95, HDL at 42 and LDL at 42."
Thank you so much Nicole!

-Jenny Mixland-

"I'm so happy to say that after almost 10 years of trying, I've been fully vegan for over a week! Also managed to be gluten-free which I always thought would be impossible. I can not believe the power of a plant based diet. Once you immerse yourself in the process each day gets more and more exciting!"


-Trisha Lovett-

"I adore having Nicole as my health coach! She has completely changed my relationship to food, exercise and much more. I’ve grown so much in our time together. I would certainly recommend scheduling a discovery call. This process truly was a worthy investment in myself!"


-Allie Long-


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